Tuesday, June 12, 2012


ISO 100, f/8, 0.5 Seconds, 19mm
  It was a banner morning for photography this morning. I woke up early enough to catch some of the best light I have seen at sunrise this year.  A storm passed through over night and the back edge of the front was still hanging around for the sun to cast golden light onto.
  This is The First Baptist Church right here in downtown Madisonville, TN. It is pretty much the tallest building in town (unless the courthouse is taller they are very close) and I have been trying to catch some dramatic cloud movement for background against this church for some time now. When I drove through town on my way to Kefauver Park I saw the awesome orange light against the clouds and just had to stop and take some shots.
  I had to take an extreme angle, which I actually like, because if I backed up any more the power lines from right over my head would creep into the shot. The extremely angle allowed me to fit the crescent moon into the shot just to the right of the steeple as well. The clouds almost cover it up, but it still peeks through enough to make it out.
  Processed this as a 3 image HDR in Photomatix Essentials and then applied my new favorite Dreamland filter to the sky to soften it up and really enhance the colors.