Thursday, June 28, 2012


ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/30 second, 50mm
  My wife has a new flower blooming in the back yard. We have a Cherry Tree that is growing extremely fast and around it, my wife planted some Irises.
  This Red Iris was the last to bloom with a purple and yellow set. The Red Iris appealed to me because it looks like it is made of velvet.
  Last week I grabbed the good ole' 50mm and went out and caught some shots of this gorgeous flower.
  With a large aperture the depth of field was very shallow so the background was a complete blur. The sun was setting to the back and right so it provided a slight back light which highlighted the edges of the flower very slightly.
  When I processed this I didn't do anything out of the ordinary and then I opened the file in OnOne's Perfect Effects Free 3 and found the Tijuana Sunrise filter. This filter casts a redish tint with a slight hint of yellow all over the image. This tint really connected the background with the red color of the Iris and set the shot apart for me.

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