Sunday, June 3, 2012


ISO 100, f/14, 1/25 second, 24 mm
  This was my first image taken at Fort Rosecran's National Cemetery at Pt. Loma in San Diego, CA back in January with my good friend Erik Kerstenbeck. The Memorial Day holiday that just past jogged my memory of this beautiful cemetery and all the other National Cemeteries where the brave men and women that have fought for the freedom of this country are buried.
  The very first thing that leaped out at me when we arrived here was the angles that could be created just by walking a couple of steps to the right or left. The long rows of headstones formed a perfect triangle shape that peak at this headstone marked "His Wife - Margery Grace". Because I didn't pay attention to the wording on the headstone when I took the picture, I don't know who Margery Grace's husband was. Wish I would've looked around and found out who, but the thought didn't creep in at the time.
  I have tried to process this image a few times in the past, but not since I purchased Photomatix Essentials a couple of months ago. This morning I ran it through the HDR processing and was very happy with the outcome.


  1. Hi Jerry

    This is a wonderful composition and captures the spirit of Rosecrans. It was a pleasure shooting with you that fine day!

    Kindest Regards, Erik

  2. I agree with Erik on the composition and the processing is good too. Kind of glad you didn't find out more about the stone - I like leaving the stories untold so that viewers can let outcomes kick around in their mind. Really like this one!