Wednesday, June 6, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 1/6 second, 20mm
  I found myself with an unusual situation tonight. My wife was working and both of my kids were spending the night with friends.  I found myself having to spend the evening all on my own.
  I knew I needed to take advantage of this by getting out and shooting some pictures of some kind. I just didn't know where to go. This was a sudden happening so it caught me by surprise.
  I ended up driving around with the hope that something would present itself along the road. Nothing.
  I ended up pulling into Keafauver Park in Madisonville. If you have never been to this park, it has a large walking trail that surrounds a rather large pond (could be considered a small lake). There are baseball fields and basketball courts and a couple of pavilions and playgrounds. The pond is the centerpiece, though, so I walked around the pond searching for a composition to catch my eye.
  It didn't take very long. The first thing I noticed was this Weeping Willow tree that was right on the bank of the pond.  The sun was peaking through the spaces in the branches and setting it up for a nice sunburst through them.  I aligned my shot so the shadows of the tree created leading lines from the foreground to the beautiful tree and sunburst.
  Didn't realize until I was posting this that a duck happened into the frame just under the tree. Would have probably cloned this out in Photoshop Elements if I had noticed it, but after looking, I kinda like there. There are so many ducks and geese on this pond that it really give the shot a piece of Keafauver Park to have it in there.

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  1. Let me start by saying that this is a gorgeous image. The sun peeking through the willow is perfect and I really like the shadows being cast onto the foreground.

    As a rule I don't care for vertically composed nature shots, and in this case, I think that it takes away from the drama of the tree a bit. There is a lot of foreground present, about 1/2 of the image which takes my eyes away from the tree looking for something of interest in that area of the frame.

    If you stick with the vertical, I think I would like to see the base of the tree along the bottom 1/3 line of the image just to keep focus where it needs to be, on that amazing willow.

    With all that being, this really is a gorgeous image, well done.