Thursday, June 21, 2012


ISO 800, f/14, 1.3 seconds, 19mm
  Spending our vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN this week allowed me the opportunity to get out into the Smoky Mountains and do a little photography. This morning, I left just before sunrise with my daughter, Jocy, and Peyton McKee. Peyton is a teenager who has expressed a genuine interest in photography and since we were sharing a cabin with him and his family I extended an invitation to join me on my photog excursion. He excitedly said yes.
  Even though Peyton did not have an SLR or even a tripod to set his camera phone type camera on, he did a remarkable job hand-holding his camera and got several beautiful images. He said he had a great time.
  We explored the Roaring Fork Motor Trail on the edge of Gatlinburg, TN. The Motor Trail winds around 10-11 miles in a loop and is home to one of my favorite trails and waterfalls, Grotto Falls. Just past Grotto Falls, the Roaring Fork Creek joins up with the road and follows along side it. One of the biggest things that drew me to the Roaring Fork was that it was loaded with plush, moss-covered rocks. You very seldom saw a rock that wasn't completely green with moss.
  We came to a spot along the trail that had an old mill and I noticed this long rock that pointed the direction of the river and I had to take a shot of it with the cascades in the background. Not only did I shoot this rock but I coerced my favorite model to crawl on top of it and capture her laying on it. I have said in the past how much I loved it when Jocy joined me on a photography run. I was especially glad when I came home with this one. I always seem to get her in an image when she goes.
  Was extremely happy with the visit to the Roaring Fork. The Rhododendron were in full bloom and just covered the mountainside and made for a beautiful morning.  More shots featuring those Rhododendron and the Roaring Fork to come.

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