Friday, June 1, 2012


ISO 800, f/20, 6 seconds, 19 mm
  It's amazing the difference a few months makes. Tim Owens and I visited the Middle Prong Trail in Tremont of the Great Smoky Mountains back in October and the fall color was just awesome. Last weekend we revisited the Middle Prong Trail in the height of Spring color. What a difference!
  In the fall, there were a lot of colorful leaves on the ground and still in the trees that just lit up the forest and river sides. The Spring brings a green cover over everything from the rocks to the trees. It also brings higher water levels with full streams and faster water.
  Which do I prefer? If I had to make a choice, it would be the fall. The colors range from yellow to orange to red and even though the water levels are lower, they are easier to maneuver in. I love both seasons, though and highly recommend revisiting locations in every different season because they change all the time.
  Picture details: Just downstream from Lynn Camp Falls on the Middle Prong of the Little River. Huge, moss-covered rocks create little cascades along the river.

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