Friday, June 15, 2012


ISO 200, f/20, 1/3 second 19mm
  A few years back, I used to drive by Kahite Golf Course every morning on my to work. I swore to two things back then, I would someday play that golf course (it is a beautiful course) and that I would someday take a photograph of this creek that runs out to and underneath the road from the course.
  I have yet to play the golf course so one of my swears is still undone. Yesterday, however, I did keep true to one of those swearings. The day before, there was fog hovering above the ground along the golf  course but this scene was tainted with a landscaper's golf car sitting on the hill. I was very disappointed and heartbroken.
  Thursday, though there was no fog, the cloud cover was really beautiful and the sun was just peaking above the horizon and directly over the point where the creek vanishes in the background. The sun provided some nice light on the creek and the large tree on the left side of the stream reflected in the creek with it.
  Don't know which hole is just in front of the rising sun but you can see the cart path just under the sunflare. Maybe someday I'll be able to tell you which hole it is and what I scored on it. Today, it will just have to be the remaining of the two swears I have with Kahite.

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  1. the photo is great. It looks like a painting. Congratulations. plz follow to support :)