Saturday, May 5, 2012


ISO 400, f/16, 0.6 seconds, 24mm, 3 image HDR @ -2 EV
  With my wife working and both of my kids staying the night with friends, this morning provided the opportunity to wake up and catch the sunrise. I had a couple of places in mind that were very close to the house.
  I originally started right outside of our subdivision where several hey rolls were freshly rolled up yesterday. Unfortunately, the clouds and light didn't arrange themselves so that I could get a really good composition to show them off.
  I drove about 1/2 a mile towards Sweetwater and saw the spot in the image posted here.
  Low lying fog still clung just above the ground and the clouds curved themselves to the same shape as the valley these hey rolls laid in. The barn over to the left sat perfectly on the side hill to balance against the hey and also was surrounded by the fog.
  Never got the epic light that I was expecting due to the rain clouds that started creeping in as the sun rose. Even without the epic light it was a gorgeous scene.

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  1. Why are those hay rolls always so cool looking? Nice work sir!