Monday, May 28, 2012


ISO 800, f/14, 0,8 seconds, 19mm, 3 Image HDR @ -2 EV
  My buddy, Tim Owens, and I took a return visit to the Middle Prong Trail in Tremont of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this morning. We hiked this trail previously in the fall at the height of fall color. It is a fantastic trail. Easy to walk, lots of water and beautiful waterfalls.
  The one place along the trail that we were late getting to in the fall was Lynn Camp Falls. The sun had already came up and was shining down extremely hard on the waterfall so we really couldn't get any quality images from there.
  On this morning's hike we bypassed all of the other stops so that we could get to Lynn Camp Falls before the sun got up. We spent the better part of 2 hours climbing around this waterfall that is broken into 2, 2 tier waterfalls. Most of the time it was so dark we were shooting at high ISO's so that we could a decent exposure without blowing out the water highlights.
  Today's image was the last one that I took before leaving and starting back down the trail. The sun was poking through the trees and begging for a neat sunburst in the background. I bracketed a group of shots so that I made sure and got the waterfall, forest, and sunburst all exposed in the shot.

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