Tuesday, May 1, 2012


24mm, ISO 100, f/16, 1/5 second, 3 image HDR @ -2 EV
  I thought that I was going to miss the incredible cloud action going on as the sun came up this morning. I was driving my daughter to school and it was all just unfolding in front of me. At 7:15am I dropped her off and immediately drove to a place I had never taken photos before, the Vonore Boat Dock.
  My thoughts were to use the floating dock that dissects the boat ramp as a leading element to a reflection on the open lake in front of me. When I got there, I noticed the dock was surrounded on both sides by awesome rock formations. These immediately took priority over the dock. As a matter of fact I never got the dock in a shot.
  A lone fisherman was trolling the shallow areas of the lake and I was initially disappointed he was there. As I framed up my first shot, though, I really liked him in the middle area of the frame. It gave it a definite Vonore flavor to have him there.
  Simple 3 image HDR processing in Photomatix Essentials with a border applied in Perfect Effects 3 Free.

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  1. Awesome shot. Nice foreground as well.

    Every time I hear that phrase though (your title) I always think of Hemingway.