Thursday, May 31, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 30 seconds, 24mm
  Something I haven't done in a long while is take some long exposure photographs. This afternoon, on my way home form work, I passed by this awesome windmill that is only about a 1/4 mile from my house. I placed my ND fader filter on the lens and started shooting.
  The fader filter at full strength did a fairly good job of even blocking some of the bright sunlight at 5:15. I got a 30 second exposure before the clouds started thinning out and the sun was too bright to get any longer shots.
  Entertained the idea of processing this as a black and white but when I saw the green leaves being struck by the light and glowing a bit I knew that leaving it in color was the way to go.


  1. Cool shot - looks like this wind mill is out of commish - well done

  2. I like it! The motion in the clouds fits well with the windmill as one of the key elements in the image.

  3. Erik I believe so. I have never seen it turn or spin. Thanks.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting James. Appreciate it very much

  4. Lovely artwork, you know what, you can really use your talent in photography, why don't you try it for the Olympics? :)

    Ashley | Olympics 2012 London