Saturday, May 26, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 9 seconds, 19mm
  I love shooting fireworks. It is relatively easy. Point the camera in the right direction, have the manual focus at infinity, click and hold the remote shutter release, and viola! Not even a great deal of post processing. Mostly cropping out what you don't want.
  Another reason is that each explosion is different and unique. I try not to crowd the shot with too many different fireworks and leave the shutter open long enough to try and get anywhere from the simplest single explosion to a big grouping depending on the layout of the fireworks. There are no real rules here. It's just what you like.
  This particular shot is one of the last I took last night at the Spring Festival Fireworks in Big Sandy, TN. For a little town, they really put on a great display with some of the largest and loudest BANGS you will hear or see.
  I often wish I could get a neat composition with part of the town in the shot, and someday I might, but the main reason these fireworks are so enjoyable is that the whole family loves them and it becomes an outing. Granted, I still take pictures, but I am sitting with my family and just take what I am given in order to enjoy the time with them. Last night we were joined by a couple of friends that we used to hang around with when we lived in Big Sandy and that made it even more fun.

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