Sunday, May 13, 2012


  One of the most breathtaking waterfalls I have ever seen is Cullasaja Falls near Highlands, NC. It is a 200ft waterfall that if you aren't looking for it, will miss it along US Highway 64.
   Tim Owens and I scaled the side of a rocky mountainside to get this vantage point on Friday. This goes back to the nature photographer's philosophy that if you think you are close enough, you aren't thing. Most people would have just taken the shot they could from the road.
   If you look on the left you will see a huge cliff. At the top of that cliff is the road so you can see how you might miss this glorious landmark.
   The sun was uncooperative on Friday and caused me to work an HDR to try and keep some of the blown out highlights from the bright sun striking the white water.

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