Monday, January 10, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @ 28mm, ISO 100, f/14, 1/80 sec
  When I went to bed last night at roughly 11:00pm, not a flake of snow had fallen in Madisonville, TN.  The National Weather Service was issuing Winter Weather Warnings all day and showed a 100% chance of snow clear through until 4:00pm today.  I was starting to believe the NWS was nuts.
  I woke up this morning at 5:45am to get up and go to work only to find in the time between going to bed and waking up 6" of snow had fallen. WOW!  I grew up in Taylor, MI and in my childhood was used to seeing snowfalls like this every year.  I have been living in Tennessee since 1980 and have never seen a snowfall this deep.  And it was still coming down.
  After cleaning off my 1995 Ford Explorer and 4-wheel driving it to work 8 miles away, one of the guards at the guard shack at work stopped me and told me that work was called off. Another WOW! I didn't ask any questions, just turned around and made my back home with the giddy anticipation of taking some snowy landscape pics.
  My wife got me a pair of hip waders for Christmas that were supposed to be used for wading into streams and pools below waterfalls.  Their first test, however, was trudging through 7" of snow to a pond that was in a small field adjacent to our sub division.  I am happy to say they passed with flying colors. I knew I had to incorporate water into my snow image.  Moved around very well in them and my toes didn't even get cold.
  This pond was the closest body of water and it is surrounded by Pine trees that provide a barrier between it and our subdivision.  Those Pines were covered in snow just like a post card.
  I had taken photos from the front side of the pond in the spring looking back at the sunset.  I was determined to find a different perspective for these shots.  With the pond 80% frozen, I wanted to find an angle that allowed me a reflection.  There is a small dock built on the pond that sits dead center and just before I reached it I looked back and there was my shot.
  I really liked the separation the ice and snow created between the row of Pines and the reflection of them on the pond.
  Had to go back and retake this shot due to the ISO being set at 800 to take pics of my daughter playing in the snow. Glad I did.


  1. Nice shot Jerry. I like how it looks almost black and white, or at least monotone, except for the rushes.

  2. Thanks, Mark. I actually tried to do some HDR with this and looked at black and white. Liked the color the rushes bring out, though.

  3. Nice one Jer. Looks exactly like it looks here in upstate MN! Bet it's not as cold though! Great work!

  4. 30° and dropping, Jim. Won't get that cold. 27 for the low.