Friday, January 21, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @ 28mm, ISO 100, f/11, 1/2 sec.
  I have a lot of friends who listen to music while they post process their images. Some of them use whatever music title that gets them in the mood to title their image when they post it on their blog. I really like this.
  I am going to use a different approach to today's image.  While I was fiddling around with this image I was watching/listening to the Detroit Red Wings vs St. Louis Blues hockey game on the Internet.  I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan and due to the fact that I live in the southeastern US, Charter doesn't see the need to let me subscribe to NHL Center Ice. So I have to watch on the Internet.
  The game went into Overtime, hence the title of the post, tied at 3 and shortly into it the Wings' Darren Helm scored the winner.  This put me in a great mood and really helped me bring this image where I wanted it.
  The image itself was taken on Thursday morning. I could tell when I loaded up my kids in the truck that the sky was going to give us something special.  The layered puffy clouds combined with a touch of pink let me know that when the sun started coming up, it was going to be very impressive.
  As I was dropping my daughter off at school the sun started lighting up the clouds and I rushed to a spot in Vonore across from a resort home community called Kahiti with their boat dock directly in front of me. I wanted to catch the reflection of both the amazing sky and the docked boats in the same image.
  I bracketed the shots anticipating an HDR process may be needed to bring what I wanted out of the scene.
  After the hockey game ended, at app. 10:30 pm, I continued working on the one of the images and found that if I adjusted the contrast and brightness and straightened it a little it worked out much better than my HDR tries had.  I was elated with what I ended up with.