Friday, January 28, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL T1i, Canon 18-55 IS lens @29mm, ISO 100, f/4.5, 40 sec. (by Tim Owens)
  I have been on twitter for a few months now.  Every Friday we do what is called Follow Friday. This involves telling all of your followers to follow all of the great photographers you know.  I have gotten to know a lot of them on twitter and they are equally as good of friends as they are photographers.
  This Friday I decided to even go a little further with that idea on my blog.
  I work at Tennessee Watercraft, Inc.  We design, manufacture and build Yamaha Sport Boats. Check out our product HERE.  In the last year no less than 4 of us, me and my co-workers, have purchased new DSLR cameras and taken up photography.  There are a few others that were already deep into the craft that work here.  I am contemplating very seriously creating a photo club here at the facility and once a month or so going on photo excursions. It's very exciting.
  Two of my friends in particular have really hit the ground running.
  The photo above was taken my my good friend Tim Owens. He and I have worked together for several years.  We have played a lot of golf together.  Back in the late fall, he and I went on a little excursion up to Hooper Bald in the Cherokee National Forest and he started feeding me questions about my camera, shooting pictures, hiking, you name it.  He has since purchased a DSLR and shoots all the time.  Like the rest of us, he has progressively gotten better the more he shoots. 

Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL T2i, Canon 18-55 IS lens @ 18mm, ISO 100, f/8, 1/30 sec. (by David Glover)
The above photo was shot by David Glover.  He is also another good friend whom I work and play golf with.  About a month ago Dave came up to me and started asking me about cameras and lenses to shoot high school wrestling as well as nature and landscape photos. Beings that I love it when someone thinks that I have a grasp on a subject talked his ear off.
  A few days later, Dave came and told me he purchased his new DSLR. The questions didn't end there. He has been inquisitive about lenses, settings for certain shots, everything.
  This past Thursday I returned to work from traveling to San Antonio for a conference and I had a few emails from Dave and one from Tim with photos you see in this blog attached.  Needless to say they were great.  I knew that I had to share these shots with other people.
  We are already discussing making photo treks to downtown Knoxville and with springtime coming up, there's no telling where I might drag these guys.
  I won't be doing this every Friday, just wanted to share some of my friends' work. Back to normal for the next blog.

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