Sunday, January 23, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @28mm, ISO 100, f/14/0.8 sec.
   I tried to warn the people at the end of the lobby hallway trying to get on the elevator about the ghost walking towards them.  My warnings fell on def ears and the ghost picked them up and swept them away.
  Just kidding. The ghostly image is a man that happened to walk through my shot of the lobby while using a 0.8 second shutter speed.
  While in San Antonio, I am staying at the Historic Menger Hotel.  My brother, Jim, stayed here a few months ago as well and he informed me that the hotel was rumored to be haunted. Here is a web page giving the historical background and spiritual information.
  My wife and daughter watch a lot of shows on hauntings and are very much "into" it.  When my little girl heard that this hotel was haunted she told me to make sure my sensor in my camera was clean so that if there are any dust particles wouldn't be mistaken for orbs in the shot. Love it!
  The most famous ghostly inhabitant is former President Teddy Roosevelt.  He used the hotel to recruit his Rough Riders and most people have seen him having a drink at the last stool at the bar just off the hotel lobby.  Tomorrow I plan on getting some shots in the bar and it is awesome (not for the alcohol but for the architecture).  We have investigated each of the last two nights and have yet to run into Teddy.  We did see a suspicious guy by himself sitting in a corner, but he just turned out to be a boring patron.
  I have two more nights here at The Menger and will continue to hunt for Teddy and any other ghosts that might inhabit the hotel.  I will keep everyone posted.


  1. I remember that hallway! Cool pic!

  2. Thanks, Jim. Wasn't looking for that type of image until I saw how long the shutters were and how many people were crusing through.