Wednesday, December 29, 2010


    Christmas morning, my brother Jim and I couldn't resist the opportunity to jump out into the snow fall and try to catch some photos out on my mother's property.  Mom has 40 acres or so of land and just about every corner of it brings back some kind of memory of growing up there.
  Jim has been posting a series of shots on his blog, Behind My Eyes, sharing some of those memories through great photos.
  When we got near the back 1/3 of the property, it turns from pasture land into wooded land.  On this part of the land we have small creeks and a spring. In the springtime I plan on exploring these areas for some of my more usual moving water pictures. Upon reaching the beginning of this wooded area we noticed this corner post with an old rusted hinge bolted to it. We immediately loved the photo op, but the fence post also jogged some memories of my own.
  The entire property is surrounded by barbed wire fence that at one time was used to keep my dad's cattle in check. In the wooded area of the property, trees would break, fall over and damage these fences and the cattle would occasionally venture out into adjacent property.  Several times Dad would enlist Jim and I to aid him in repairing these area of damaged fence. It was not a fun job because it did not matter what the weather was like, it had to be fixed. This usually involved herding the cattle back in, then getting rid of the tree, then using a come-a-long to pull the fence tight while Dad hammered in some u-shaped clips to clamp the fence. You can see one of those in my shot above.
  Really liked the triangle shapes involved between the hinge, corner post, and the angled gusset post.  Unfortunately, the shallow depth of field didn't allow for the snow to be visible but it wasn't necessary for the subject of the shot anyway.

Details: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Canon 50mm f/1.8mm lens, ISO 100, 3 exposure HDR at f/2.8

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