Friday, July 6, 2012


ISO 400, f/20, 0.4 seconds, 19mm
  Boy, I love Tremont!
  While shooting there last Sunday in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I started maneuvering my way downstream and found this little rocky cascade.
  The tops of the trees were covered in dust from it being so dry and the dust from the gravel road clouding up and landing on them. It was soooo dry. The day before we were shooting we had reached a record temperature in the Knoxville area of 105 degrees F and had been no cooler than 94 the last 5 days.
  Because of the heat and lack of rain, the water levels in the river were considerable lower than we were used to. With this photo, however, it actually was beneficial. With normal water levels, these rocks would have been buried under the flow of water but now the water was just high enough to splash over the rocks and create a neat cascade. The white wash spread out in 4 different directions like fingers making for a great foreground. A slightly larger waterfall in the background leads in from the upper, right with the angled larger rocks wedging in the stream to the foreground subject.
  Tremont is loaded with cascades like this one. That's what makes it my favorite spot in the Smokies.

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  1. Such a beautiful shot man. Love the mossy rocks and good job on the water.