Friday, July 20, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 0.6 Seconds, 19mm
  I spent the biggest part of shooting the sunrise on Wednesday morning capturing the beautiful colors in the same direction as the sun was coming up. When the sun rose above the horizon the colors quickly faded away and I started to make my way back to my Jeep so I could pack up and go into work.
  After I walked roughly 3/4 mile around the pond and over to the parking lot, I turned and looked in the opposite direction and noticed one of the most beautiful blue skies that I have ever seen. The puffy white clouds were dancing around wonderfully against that awesome blue sky. I couldn't leave with this kind of sky going on in front of me so I set up and took a few more shots.
  Two things really set this image off as much as the sky and that I got use the small dock in the picture and shooting in this direction is the only background at Kefauver park that doesn't have a building, ball field, or parking lot in the view. Just a clean row of trees behind the walking trail on the opposite side of the pond and the dock on my side. By far my favorite reflection image I have ever gotten.
  Processed this as a 3 shot HDR in Photomatix Essentials and then minor post processing in Photoshop Elements.

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