Tuesday, July 17, 2012


ISO 100, f/14, 1/25 Second, 35mm
  I thought yesterday was going to be a bust when I left the house a little later than I wanted to catch the sunrise. I just thought since there weren't very many clouds in the sky that there wasn't going to be a dramatic sunrise to shoot.
  Boy, was I WRONG!
  There was a great fog effect happening that I wasn't aware of until I got out driving around. I drove down a road thinking I could get a barn and rolling pasture to accent the fog but just couldn't either find the right spot or a way to achieve a good composition. The sun was coming up rapidly and I knew that if I didn't find something quick, the fog would be burnt off as it got higher.
  More or less giving up I started my way on to work. As I passed by this field just a short distance away from my house, I saw a tremendous sight. There are two trees that stand alone in the field and the sun was peaking above the horizon but being blocked bye the smaller of the two trees. This creates a "God's Rays" effect as it shines through the tree into the rising fog. I have always wanted to capture this effect but until yesterday had not had an opportunity.
  I parked across the street from the field and walked a 100 yards or so in the field and tried to get as close to the trees as possible to help fill the frame. Not wanting to wast the moment, I finally just set up and started shooting.
  I bracketed a few shots and really loved the way this one came out. Granted, it isn't the show stopping composition I would have loved, but overall it made for a beautiful scene.


  1. Great light for sure in this one, Jerry. The effect on the light by that tree is amazing.