Sunday, July 15, 2012


ISO 100, f/14, 0.8 seconds, 19mm
  I gotta say that it doesn't get any better than a friend lending you a camera to use while yours is on the DL. That's just what my good friend and photog buddy Tim Owens did. With my DSLR out of commission, he lent me his Canon EOS Rebel T2i til I can get mine back up and going.
  Tim and I initiated the T2i to my work flow by taking a photography loop around Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  We arrived at the entrance to Cades Cove at around 6:25am and they had not opened the gates and let everyone in yet so we were one of the first 6 or so cars to enter when the gate was opened. Which really bothers me. Beings that they don't let anyone driving into the park after 6:30, it is impossible to get a sunrise picture which would be absolutely incredible! The one and only flaw I have seen with the Smokies so far.
  A place that I have always wanted to photograph but have never had the opportunity is the Cable Grist Mill at the Cades Cove Visitor's Center. The only other times I have been here there were teams of people all over the place so catching a good shot of the mill was difficult. Well, this morning we had the place to ourselves and took pic after pic of this awesome landmark.  The only complaint is that the mill wheel wasn't spinning with the water so it just kinda poured out of the sides instead of into the wheel. That wasn't such a bad thing because it made for some nice silky looking water beside the wheel.
  The mill was built in 1868 by John P. Cable and restored to decent shape in 1937. To learn more about it's history and restoration go HERE.
  More to come from the mill and throughout our trip to Cades Cove in future posts.

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  1. What an absolutely lovely image here, Jerry, well done my friend! I just love, love, love these classic old wooden structures, and you've done a wonderful job in bringing it to life here!