Friday, July 27, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 2.5 Seconds, 19mm, 5 Image Panorama, HDR @ -2 EV
  The night after I took the picture for CITY LIGHTS, we were right back down in Covington, KY eating at Wunderbar, a fantastic German restaurant. After eating some great food and taking in some great drink, we were headed back to east Cincinnati when I saw a tremendous sunset developing.
  After complaining that the night before didn't look like that, we made our way back down to the riverfront.
  I wanted to catch the beautiful sunset with the Roebling Suspension Bridge in the foreground so I positioned myself on the east side of the bridge. I also wanted to catch the entire cityscape of Cincinnati in the shot, so I took 5 vertical images so I could do a panorama. The sunset was going down just behind Paul Brown Stadium, which happened to be seen just under the bridge. For those who don't know, Paul Brown Stadium is where the Cincinnati Bengals play NFL football.
  I went as far to the right as to fit Great American Ballpark, where the Cincinnati Reds play Major League Baseball, in the frame. By doing so I luckily fit this neat little boat that was docked on the Kentucky side of the river in the shot as well.
  Processed 5 separate HDR images in Photomatix Essentials and stitched together in Photoshop Elements. Did some fine tuning in Lightroom 4 and viola!

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