Thursday, February 16, 2012


Canon EOS Rebel XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @20mm, ISO 100, f/20, 2 seconds
  Getting away from the norm in today's post.
  First of all, Sunday Erik Kerstenbeck took me for a photo shoot at Pt Loma in San Diego, California and it was an unbelievable experience.  When he knew we were going to get together on Sunday, he asked me what I would like to shoot. I told him a rocky beach so that I could get some long exposures of the water running over the rocks.
  He did not disappoint.  The weather that afternoon was fantastic following a cloudy, drizzly morning. The only issue was that the sunlight was quite harsh and the fine officer that asked us to leave at 5:00 took away any shot of getting shots at peak light of the evening.
  We used variable density ND filters to help create some longer exposures and this particular shot was a 2 second shutter speed. I was terribly happy about it because I was trying to get some glare from the sun up in the right corner of the frame with these awesome rocks leading out through the surf.
  The true step outside my normal process was using QTPFSGUI to do some HDR processing on the image to take down some of the harsh light. I really liked what the HDR did for the light as well as bringing out some detail on the rocks and rushing water.
  It was a fantastic afternoon and we even got knee-deep in the surf before it was all over with.

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