Sunday, February 19, 2012


  This statue stands in the parkway along the waterfront right next to the US Midway in San Diego, CA. It was titled Unconditional Surrender and sculpted after the Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph taken in Times Square on V-J Day at the end of World War II of a sailor kissing a nurse celebrating the end of the war.
  To me, this statue is a tribute to arguably our greatest generation. Unfortunately, there is talk of this wonderful statue being removed from the Port of San Diego waterfront. With the US Midway and a Bob Hope tributary statue sitting right next to it, they combine to make a great monument to our military. I hope it stays right where it is at.
  Very little processing done on this other than first converting to black and white and then using Photoshop Elements Vintage paper effect to give it that old time look.

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