Friday, February 24, 2012


Canon EOS Rebel XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @ 19mm, ISO 200, f/20, 2 minutes
  One of the main images that I was intent on taking was a night time skyline shot of San Diego with a reflection in San Diego Bay. Sunday evening, Erik Kerstenbeck showed me a location and boy did his suggestion pay off.
  Tuesday evening, my friend Ron Williams and I left a conference street party and drove to Erik's location. After first taking some shots further up towards the city I walked back to an area behind a small building with vending machines and rest rooms and found this angle.
  The floating dock in the foreground had several of these small row boats tied to it that people use to go out to their bigger boats/yachts anchored out in the bay. A two minute exposure really illuminated these row boats and even allowed them to float about a bit blurring them some. I actually like this effect. Don't know why, just do. The long exposure also caught some cloud movement right above the gorgeous, lit up skyline.
  Capping off the scene, all the way over to the right is the USS Midway aircraft carrier and museum. If I would have done a panoramic shot I could have fit the Coronado Bridge which was just off to the right of the Midway.

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