Friday, January 18, 2013


ISO 200, f/32, 3.2 seconds, 70mm,
  Took the afternoon off to try and capture the unbelievable amount of water that is flowing from the 5 days of rain and snow we have had in East Tennessee this week. I went to Bald River Falls and tried to photograph it but the spray from the falls kept me from getting a clean shot without water drops on the lens.
  So after shooting along the river on River Rd I was on my way home when I noticed some beautiful reflections on the water on Highway 165 going back to Tellico Plains.  I pulled off and mounted the 70-300 lens on the camera to get some close up shots of the reflections on the water.
  Then I tried something different. I focused on one of the trees that lined the bank of the river and exposed for the tree with the brightly colored water in the background. Holy Cow! I loved the results.
  Turning the polarizing filter to get a bright reflection really enhanced the color as well as the white water created by the turbulent water. Love these type of abstract type images.

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  1. This is an absolutely terrific shot, Jerry, I love it! That background as an abstract really makes that tree come out of the scene, my friend. Well seen and done!