Sunday, January 13, 2013


ISO 400, f/20, 1.3 seconds, 19mm
  Spent a great morning in the Cherokee National Forest today. I stopped along River Rd a few times and shot some cascades that I haven't shot before and then hiked into the Bald River Gorge for some waterfall shots along the Bald River.
  The very first stop on my trek involved scaling down a rocky hill side to the banks of the Tellico River. There was a lot of water in the river and the flow was awesome. This new spot featured a small shelf cascade that zig-zagged across the river. I had never been here before and wondered to myself why I hadn't. Might have been because I didn't notice this spot due to smaller water levels. The important thing is that I stopped there today.
  When I processed this, I ran a set of brackets through Photomatix Essentials and noticed the dreaminess that the image took on with the HDR process. The only thing I did not want is to make it look overly fake. Lightroom accomplished this very well.
  More to come from my exploration this morning.

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