Wednesday, January 9, 2013


ISO 100, f/20, 0.8 seconds, 19mm
  It's not often that there are boats moored to the dock at work when I get there in the morning. This morning there was and it made for a nice foreground against a gorgeous sunrise, the first of 2013 that I've gotten to shoot.
  When I arrived at work I had thoughts of taking shots of the sunrise but I had also thought the peak color had gone by because it usually does after I've taken my daughter to school and made the way to work.
  About 10 minutes after going in the building, however, there was a tremendous pink light that bathed the entire sky. I knew I had to backtrack and take some shots. It was 20 minutes to 8:00 and I had enough time before work to get a few frames in.
  Well I did catch some of that pink light, but not the intense light that I saw through the window at work. It was still a beautiful sunrise and this test boat tied to the floating dock at work provided me a wonderful break in the reflection. Beings that it was the heart of winter the water levels are down and I was able to walk out about 20 feet on to dry land that in the spring and summer will be under water. It helped get a unique angle at the dock that I haven't shot before.

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  1. Incredibly beautiful sky, Jerry. The boat really does add a nice focal point.