Sunday, October 7, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 0.8 seconds, 28mm
  Fall color is in full swing in the Cherokee National Forest.
  Overcast skies provided us with some prime light for photographing mid-day waterfalls and cascades today. After noticing some prime spots for combining those cascades with fall color reflections yesterday, Tim Owens and I met up on River Rd and took advantage of the situation.
  My first stop was very close to the entrance of River Rd from the Cherohala Skyway. My recon from yesterday drew me to this place because it is one of the 2 or 3 spots along the river where there is a long, smooth stretch of water without rocks or trees to break up the smooth reflection of the colorful trees in the background.
  When I arrived there today I noticed this awesome little cascades with a few yellow leaves that were visible under the surface of the water. I donned my waders and took the plunge to get a vantage point right in front of the cascade so that the yellow leaves created a great foreground interest.
  To my delight, the reflection of the trees carried right up to the cascade and actually curved the treetops around the rocks.
  What a great afternoon along the Tellico River today with a lot more posts from here to come.


  1. Beauty shot Jer! Love those reflections!

  2. The reflections and the colors here are just wonderful, Jerry! LOVE those leaves sitting under the cover of the water there, that adds a huge element of interest to the beautiful scenery!!

    1. Thanks Toad. The leaves are what drew me to the shot as well.