Friday, October 12, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 0.8 seconds, -1.0EV, 19mm
  Sometimes it's easier for me to see the big picture than to focus in on the subtle details of a scene. With today's post, I didn't see the subtle details until I was trying to process the original image of the big picture.
  This colorful red leaf was sitting on this rock just above the water line of the Tellico River. I was trying to photograph several of these leaves in the foreground with the river and trees in the background when it struck me. This leaf against the pewter colored rocks provided a great contrast to each other and cropped down to it's simplest detail was a way better composition than the big picture I was shooting.
  Wish I would have noticed this when I was taking the photograph I would have used a large aperture and created a small depth of field.
  Maybe next time I will see the subtle details before I snap the shutter.


  1. Beautiful, Jerry. Everything about this image makes it a work of art. Nice job!

  2. Absolutely top drawer! There's a great feel here, Jerry, I love the warm autumn feel here, and quite honestly I find a bit of tension myself in the way the streaming water surrounds the leaf. Terrific!