Monday, August 29, 2011


The Huck'n Buck
  My first official photo shoot took place on Saturday and I had a fantastic time photographing 4 football players, a volleyball player, and a baby. One of the best things about the shoot was the willingness of the boys to do old time "Heisman" like poses. They really seemed to get into it and that made it even more fun.
   I found an Old Paper effect in Photoshop Elements that took me back to the days of "Winning One For the Gipper" and "3 Yards and a Cloud of Dust". The first shot in the blog today was the first shot I did like this and I had to do each of the football players in that effect.
Tiptoeing the Sideline
  With the college football season getting underway this weekend it was totally obvious to me that I had to do this post with these shots.  I added a little additional contrast after I applied the effect to try and give it an older feel and even though the uniforms, cleats, and helmets are very modernized, the shots look like they need to be wearing leather helmets.
The Galloping Ghost
  These kids were outstanding and I can't wait to take more shots like this. Hopefully, the word of mouth will spread and I can do more.


  1. Very nice Jerry! Love the 'Heisman' pose in the first shot.

  2. Grats man! Good job. Sounds like you had lots of fun. :) Images look great. But yeah, bring some leather helmets!

  3. Oh Jerry, these are truly wonderful! I, too, hope you get a chance to do much more of this, you've really done a fabulous job here!

  4. Where's the "Old Huck and Buck?" Great job brother!

  5. Jerry these our did an awesome job! And I am glad to say to everybody the 1st picture in this blog is my son in which I am very proud of! thanks again Jerry, I love all the pics you took of him!