Friday, August 26, 2011


Canon EOS REBEL XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @ 19mm, ISO 200, f/14, 0.6 sec., 4 image panorama
  My daughter, Jocy, and I ventured once again down River Rd on Friday evening. I bargained an hour of swimming for her for some time behind  the camera on the river.
  I came back to a spot that I had visited back late last fall (ROCKING THE RIVER) when the water levels were at least twice what they are right now. I don't think the river will dry up, but unless there is some rain in our forecast, it will get very close to it.
  My intention was to get down in the river in front of the long, thin rock that the water is pouring over in Rocking The River and get a low perspective of that fabulous rock. Unfortunately, even though the water level was low, the rate of flow right in front of this rock was great enough to shake the legs of my tripod.
  So after nixing my original intention, I decided to climb around behind those rocks and catch the water flow down stream.  I really liked this angle and had to shoot 4 sets of shots and stitch them in a panorama. To my happy surprise, at the end of the river in the pano shot, the sunlight was creating a warm glow over the trees and water. The large rocks to the right of the shot were reflecting the blue sky from above and added a little flare to the image.
  Something that Jocy and I were very confused about was the large metal box that was wedged underneath the rocks in the upper center of the image. It almost looked like a safe but was so rusty and dilapidated it was hard to tell.
  Very little processing done to the photo. Just a little added contrast to it.

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