Friday, August 5, 2011


Canon EOS REBEL XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @ 19mm, ISO 200, f/11, 0.6sec.
  This evening my kids and I went to the river for some swimming and a bit of photog'ing.  Took a few shots at a beautiful new place that I found only to come back and find out that nothing was in focus. What a disappointment.
  So I reached back a couple of weeks to when Tim Owens and myself were out on N River Rd shooting.  I have since found out that this particular spot is called The Boils.  Something I had been wanting to do is to wade in deep and try to get a shot from directly under the falls.  So that morning I was bound and determined to get that shot. I waded in to chest deep water and was probably out of my mind for doing so, but it was definitely a new and awesome perspective compared to how I had photographed these falls in the past.
  The resulting shot was exactly what I was after. The splash of the falls hitting the water was much better from this angle and the forest looming over the falls added some great depth.
  Someday I will go back to the spot I couldn't keep in focus tonight and get some in-focus shots but it's always nice to have something like this as a fall back.

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