Saturday, June 25, 2011


Canon EOS REBEL XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @ 20mm, ISO 100, f/16, 1/10 sec.
  As I clean off my SD cards in preparation for a much overdue vacation, I figured I can squeeze in one more blog post.
  With all the storms rolling through the southeast the last week, the mornings have been outstanding. Cloud formations are fantastic and the lower temperatures have created fog from the dew evaporation. It has been great.
  Thursday morning I took an alternate route to work in hopes of catching some of this low lying fog. Low and behold this field provided a clean view of it rolling through the mountains in background with a smaller amount hovering just in front of the farm house and barn in the middle ground.
  Was very tempted to crop the green grass out of the shot but really liked it the way it is. The lines of the rows of grass work together with the clouds to move the eye towards the farm and the sunrise.


  1. The scene looks so peaceful. I like the haze in the distance. Adds a bit of mysteriousness. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Great shot Jerry! We have had some wonderful morning/evening colors around here!