Sunday, June 5, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @24mm, ISO 100, f/22, 2 sec.
  The only good thing about the very hot temperatures we are seeing in the south right now is the morning fog created by the dew evaporation.  Every morning I have been seeing this low lying fog and not until Friday morning did I find the right setting to photograph it.
  A few years ago this used to be a golf driving range just off of highway 411 between Vonore and Madisonville, TN.  Without the driving range there anymore it is a perfect hay field and there are several rolls spread out over it.
  I pulled into the field at about 6:00am and the fog was hovering just over the tops of these hay rolls.  As the sun started coming up higher the fog started lifting but not very fast so I was able to move and try different angles to shoot from.
  The cloud formations were very interesting opposite the sunrise as well. The further away from the horizon, they were spreading out into pok-a-dot formations which was very neat.
  With a longer shutter speed I was able to smooth out the moving fog very much like moving water.


  1. wow love that atmosphere! beautiful! :)

  2. Tremendous photograph! Love the added element of fog creating a strong atmospheric mood. Bravo!