Thursday, February 24, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @ 80mm, ISO 100, f/16, 6 sec.
  Back in December, we had some seriously cold weather for East Tennessee. I posted an example of this in one of my earlier posts, THE BIG CHILL.
  Tellico Lake has a lot of domesticated Canada Geese that seem to be everywhere you look.  There are about 3 dozen or so that frequent the cove where I work and on December 14th, they were all cavorting around this dry area on the lake that is only visible between October and April when TVA lowers the lake level.
  There was fog lifting on the lake and it was moving extremely fast. I felt this might be a great opportunity to use a long exposure to catch that fast moving fog.  With the sun just starting to show it's light over the mountains, it provided some pink light for the background of the shot contrasting the icy blue the frozen water in the foreground.
  The long exposure caught some ghosting of the geese as they busily moved around the shoreline but for the most part, they stayed fairly still.


  1. So that's where they went! LOL Those are probably the same geese that flew over our house heading South in October/November.... What a great image Jerry I love the colors (and the geese).

  2. I love the colors. The reds of the sky and the blues of everything else work together very well. When this image first came up in my google reader, the limitations of my screen resolution "cropped" it off on the piece of land that the birds are on. It wasn't until I scrolled down that I saw the rest of the water/ice. To be honest, I preferred the image before I scrolled down for 2 reasons. The land framed in the image nicely. The other thing is that the rest of the image is very soft and nice while the very bottom starts getting a lot of detail that I think draws my eye to places I don't want it in the image.