Saturday, February 19, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @ 28mm, ISO 100, f/22, 1.3 sec.
   This shot has sat on my computer for some time now and I have argued with myself as to whether or not I should post it.  It has been one of my favorites immediately after I shot it on River Road back in June but wasn't really sure how well-received it would be.
  Yesterday I decided that I should go with my gut feeling and post it. After all, it is my blog and if I'm happy with it, then I'm satisfied.
  I was very happy with the way the long exposure allowed the river to almost completely glass over and reflect the trees from the other bank. I used the rocks in the lower left and the overhanging branch break up the reflection and provide a frame for the shot.
  I'm very happy with the image and hope you are too.

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  1. I am really glad that you decided to post it. It is a very nice image. The color is great and I agree that the long did very interesting things with the reflections.