Thursday, February 17, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @ 30mm, ISO 100, f/11, 30 sec.
  Whenever my brother Jim and I are together we always set aside a morning to go shoot some pics. Last July we chose to go out to Paris Landing State Park on Kentucky Lake near Paris, TN.  We started out at the Paris Landing Marina where today's post was taken.
  When we pulled up to the marina and got out we had forgotten that even at 5:30am it was extremely humid. As we exited Jim's air conditioned car with our equipment, our cameras and lenses all fogged up from the humidity.  So we had to wait a minute or two for everything to de-fog.  Lesson learned.
  The very first spot we came to was the depth gauge right by the entrance of the marina.  We both set up shop and started firing away. This was before I found the advantage of shooting bracketed images and doing HDR processing so I was just going for the single shot image.
  Turns out the first shot of the day was the best one.  Unfortunately, the light came and went very fast that morning. The sun was up very quickly so we only got to shoot at the marina for about 20 minutes before it was above the horizon.
  A few weeks after taking this I created a single image HDR out of this and liked it but it just sat on the computer.  About a month ago I found the original RAW image and started processing it on it's own and turned out what you see in today's post. It turned out to be one of those instances where HDR, or at least my HDR processing, didn't gain me much of an advantage and I liked the processing of the RAW image better.
  It was also quite neat in that the row of rental PWC's on the other side of the dock behind the gauge were all Yamaha's.  As an employee of Yamaha it is always a great source of pride to see our product being chose over the competitor's.


  1. Great image Jerry, man that's crisp! I LOVE the absolutely crystal clear sharpness and all the resulting details you've pulled out of this, great job!

  2. Toad always love the feedback you give. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Fantastic stuff Jerry. This is one of your best shots that I have seen. Very shrp, nice detail and good overall composition.

  4. I really like this image. The structure ties the water and the sky together nicely.