Wednesday, February 6, 2013


ISO 100, f/20, 1/4 second, -1 EV, 19mm
  Normally, the rocks you see posing perfectly still for me to take their picture are covered by the lake water. Between October and April, however, the TVA lowers the water levels from the dams to conserve energy. Don't know how or why, but they've been doing so for the entire time this lake has been in existence.
  After work today, I saw a stellar sunset forming with the gathering of streaking white clouds to the southwest. With no wind blowing the chances for reflections of these clouds on the lake was going to be awesome.
  I made my way into downtown Vonore to the boat ramp by the baseball fields with the intentions of getting the dock at the ramp as a foreground element against the reflections.
  When I got down by the water though I looked to the left and noticed the rocky shoreline left baron by the low lake levels. My plans changed completely. As a matter of fact, I never took a single shot with the dock in the frame.
  The sun was still shining bright when I started and made for some neat bright gold light against the rocks with bright blue sky contrasting them. Soon though, as the sun went down, the streaking clouds became more prominent on the horizon and the reflections more exaggerated by the dark water. It was just incredible.
  The shot in today's post was by far my favorite of the evening. I positioned myself on top of one of the other rocks to get a vantage point to have the rocks lead the eye to the explosion of the clouds on the horizon reflecting  around them.
  Didn't really have to do much processing on this image. Darkened the shadows a bit to help make silhouettes of the shore in the background. The rest was just some sharpening and vibrance adjustments to help it pop.

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