Sunday, December 23, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 1/10, 19mm
  One of the best things about Christmas vacation is getting together with my brothers and my sister. And when that happens, there is usually a couple of photography excursions with my brother Jim. These turn out to be the highlight of my vacation. Being able to share the love of photography with him has kept us close even though we are hundreds of miles away between East Tennessee and Minnesota so when we get together and shoot it is usually a very special experience.
  This morning we were quite puzzled as to where we were going to take pics. So we just got into the car and drove toward Paris Landing State Park and ended up at the Paris Landing Marina.
  Fantastic choice! Mother Nature cooperated quite well, too. Giving us some dramatic clouds and wonderful light with a glass like lake. Unfortunately, our access to the entire marina was cut off by the security doors so we were bound to the main building and the gas pump dock. We made the best of it though.
  This shot is a product of my new Manfrotto tripod being able to get my camera right down on the deck behind this cleat that was aptly prepared to tie down an incoming boat that needed gas. The back light from the rising sun absolutely made the shot wonderful for me.

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