Sunday, December 16, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 5.2 seconds, 19mm
 Winter has been wishy-washy with us here in East Tennessee this year. We will have 4 days with 65 degree temps followed by 2 days of 40 degree temps and mid-20's overnight.
  I actually like those nights when the frost gets to settle down on everything. As the sun rises in the morning, it burns that frost off and creates wonderful things like fog and that makes for fantastic photography.
  Friday morning saw a beautiful sunrise off of a frosty night and I found these few hey rolls anchored in this field right on highway 411 in Vonore, TN. My initial thoughts were to display the colorful sky and yellow/orange light behind them. The frosty conditions, however, turned my thoughts to black and white and getting a more wintry feel that was more the case with the frost that morning.
  Who knows, we may see some snow in the mountains in the next few weeks and I am just dying to get up in the Smokies and capture some of that wonderland when it happens.  We can only hope.