Thursday, November 15, 2012


ISO 400, f/20, 5 seconds, 19mm
Beings that it is #thirstythursdaypics and the theme is curated by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra, I worked on an image taken at Abalone Cove, in Palos Verdes, CA while shooting with Mark.
  Mark actually posted a very similar image a while back and it motivated me to look at working on mine.
  We were completely cloud covered that evening so the only true color to show was the blue of the blue hour. This large rock seemed to draw Mark, me and +Rob Lopes to it as a great subject. Especially with the green rocks and birds in the background. I tried to use the edges of the rock to the left to draw the eye to the large rock. The water drainage through the beach sand on the bottom right served the same purpose as it catches the rock's reflection.


  1. Hello, as an aspiring beginning digital photographer whose roots were steeped in film photography, it is an honor to view such a marvelous website offering such stunning artistic ability. I could only hope to achieve even a fraction of the kind of work shown here! I look forward to observing, studying and learning, just what it is that makes these photos and the artist who created them so uniquely special, in hopes that one day, I too, will be able to create with such ability as shown here. Thank you for what you offer in the way of incredible visual beauty.

  2. Wow, I don't know how to reply to that except to say thank you for such amazingly kind words gharleydude. I'm sure with the emotion you typed into your comment that you won't have any trouble creating great images. I am humbled that you think so highly of my images and can pull inspiration from them. If you have any questions of any kind please feel free to ask I am happy to help in any way.

  3. Great imgage, Jerry. And beautifully balanced composition along with color. Nice!

  4. Love the details and tones in this shot Jerry, absolutely top drawer. Your composition is carefully constructed here, and it's obvious. What a lovely shot!