Thursday, November 22, 2012


ISO 400, f/16, 1/3 second, 35mm
  About a year ago Tim Owens and I stumbled upon an 8-10 foot waterfall that was tucked back along a smaller stream that feeds into the Tellico River. Yesterday, I decided to explore this area again and try to get a different vantage point from where we shot it last year.
  To my surprise the downstream water was lower than expected so I was able to walk across the stream on rocks and then climb and then slide down much larger rocks to get very close to falls.
  Unfortunately, there were a lot of fallen leaves on the rocks and it made it very slick and dangerous trying to maneuver across them. I did find this vantage point, which was probably the tallest, safest angle where the entire flow of water was visible.
  The ridge above the falls was very ominous looming large over the stream. Right at the end of the ridge stood this one lone tree that still held on to some bright yellow leaves. I shot the frame vertically to include this tree in the shot.

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  1. Jerry, this is a really nice image. Well worth the effort to get there.