Thursday, September 20, 2012


ISO 100, f/20, 60 seconds, 20mm
  On my way home from umpiring a middle school softball game this evening I couldn't help stopping by this church to take some blue hour shots. I have been wanting to photograph Friendship Baptist Church for a long time now but have never passed by it when the light was right.
  Tonight there weren't any clouds in the sky and that almost stopped me from pulling in. The light striking the church from a street light, however, quickly changed my mind.
  As I was shooting I noticed the moon hovering to the south and shining bright and had to take an angle with it in the shot. It barely fit into the frame and still allowed me to use the sunburst from the parking lot light right over the corner of the church as well. It wasn't until I started processing the image that I noticed the sunburst off of the moon as well.Bonus!
  I did get some traffic lights of the passing by cars in the shot which I would have liked not to have included but couldn't successfully crop them out.

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  1. Beauty of a shot, Jerry. Looks so peaceful and I like the detail on the church.