Saturday, April 28, 2012


19mm, ISO 400, f/11, 0.6 seconds
  Jocy and I hiked into the Bald River Gorge in the Cherokee National Forest today. When we got back to the Suislides approximately 1/4 mile into the gorge, Jocy found and pointed out an Eddy swirl forming right next to the falls.
  I immediately started setting up and firing off shots. The toughest part about shooting here was that getting a normal eddy usually requires 8 second shutter speeds. Most of the shots I was taking were completely blowing out the highlights at 1.5 seconds so I thought capturing this eddy was going to be difficult.
  I then took the ND filter off the lens and found out that with just the polarizer on lens and at normal 1/2 second speeds I could actually catch the eddy better than I did at the longer shutters.
  Pieced two images together in Photoshop Elements and then imported into Photomatix Essentials to capture details in the water.

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  1. Great shot, Jerry. That polarizer really brought out the color depth. Very nice!