Sunday, April 1, 2012


Canon EOS Rebel XS, Canon 85mm 1.8 USM Lens, ISO 100, f/2.2, 1/500 second
  When spring comes, my wife, Melissa, turns her attention to the yard. A couple of weeks ago a trip to Wal Mart's garden center resulted in new flowers for the several small flower garden spots around the house.
  With Melissa's several other purchases that day, this tulip was one of my actual requests. You see, I don't delve into the yard the way my wife does, but every once in while, I find a flower that I think is just beautiful and has photograph potential.
  The two-tone red and pink colors of the petals of this tulip are what created my interest in the flower. The edges where the two colors blend has a very intense red and really jumps out at you.
  When I stopped and took this shot it looked as though the petals were being shy and almost afraid to open and show their beautiful insides.


  1. Hi Great shot I love this one. Though some of your HDR shots I find a little extreme. This one seems perfectly balanced.

    Your website on the other hand is not balanced. After looking over your website I want to leave you a few tips.

    Think about color combinations, and themes. Decrease the width of your blog so that if can be viewed easier. I have to have my computer maximized to see the entire post. Think about colors and fonts as well. The simpler the better.
    Consider color combinations and balance.

    I really like your photographs, and perhaps you will take a look at my website too. It might give you some ideas as well.

    I look forward to seeing what you post next.

    Tobias Mann

  2. Thanks for the website tips Tobias. I have been contemplating building a new site other than just a blog and I will definitely take this advice into consideration when I build it.
    This particular image is not an HDR image. I edited the image in Picasa 3 and uploaded to the blog. I do HDR every now and then but really don't like to just because I don't have a good HDR software program.

  3. Your on blogger so you have a lot of freedom beyond that of what you would find else where on the internet. You should try to create a new test blog that is private or unlisted and post a few posts to it. Then make the changes to it and when you like it export it from the test blog and and import it into your normal blog. This one might be a very effective template for you to try. I would love to help you, you have wonderful photographs and a website that doesn't give it justice. Please contact me at if you want some tips.

  4. I have another question. You said you edited the image here in Picasa, is that the editor that you use for most of your photographs? You have access to a program called GIMP at which is sort of like photoshop. It isn't as advanced but will give your professional results. If you don't believe me I use it edit every one of my photos. As for HDR editing software you my invest in PhotoMatix Elements. I use Pro but there is a $60 difference in price.

  5. Love the rich colors in this picture, Jerry, and that shallow depth of focus is exquisite! Great shot, my friend.

  6. Thanks for all of the tips Tobias. As for my editing software, I normally use Photoshop Elements for my editing. Picasa was the only available software on the laptop I had at the time I edited this one. I have used gimp in the past and will definitely look at Photomatix Elements.
    Toad, you rock dude. Thanks for the wonderful comments and continuing to drop by.