Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, ISO 125, f/2.8/1/100 sec.
  Sometimes you just get lucky.
  Back in early April I was out photographing the rough water on River Rd in the Cherokee National Forest when my Rebel XS locked up on me with a SD card reading error. This happened right after taking the shot for my earlier post VIOLENT WATER. The error was fixed the next day when my friend Gareth Glynn Ash asked me to pull out the battery, let the camera sit for a few minutes and then put it back in. It worked. WOO HOO! Gareth saved the day because I was on the verge of sending it off for repairs.  He said that his Canon does a similar thing what seems like at least once a year.
  When the camera failed, however, I still had a couple of hours of good light left and wanted to photograph some of the beautiful spring wild flowers and trees that were blooming along the road.
  When I finally climbed back up to the road, I pulled out the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone and started pointing it at these wonderful purple flowers blooming on the trees right by my truck. After pulling the files off my phone I found this little surprise.  The flowers I shot wound up this small tree and formed a "Y" shape. Beyond the tree, though, the white wash of the river formed a similar "Y" shape and was luckily positioned right above the flowers in the tree.
  Some of my favorite photog's like Ian Plant and Richard Bernabe instruct us to look for shapes in nature.  I wasn't actually looking for it, but I will definitely take the accident that Mother Nature gave me.


  1. Wonderful, Jerry! I too try to see shapes in nature where possible, it really adds a lot of emotion to the scene I find. I love that splash of purple from the flower there; really enjoyed today's photo & blog my friend!

  2. Toad always like to read your comments. Thanks for chiming in my friend.

  3. I Love this shot Jerry, those flowers are beautiful.

  4. The purple flowers with the muted background look great. Nice shot.