Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @ 28mm, ISO 100, 3 Exposure HDR @ f/11
  Did a little experimenting this evening. While shooting this wonderful waterfall on Sunday morning I couldn't fit the entire fall in my shot at once so I shot it halves.
  Tonight I had the idea of processing HDR images out of each half and then using Canon's Photostitch software joining them back together for a panoramic view.
  The only problem I had was that when I photographed the right side with the intention of splitting the photos, I got spray from the falls on the lens and spots everywhere.  I had to join two sets of shots that were uneven height-wise and then crop the image after joining.
  All in all I am extremely happy with the results despite the cropping. Will try this again with other waterfalls knowing how well this one went together.


  1. Nicely done Jerry! You may have inspired me to try some panoramics. :)

  2. Beautiful! Well done on the stitching!

  3. I love doing panorama's, this one is totally awesome Jerry! Well done my friend, I find it to be one of the most challenging types of image creation and when it comes out great like yours here, it's fantastic. Love it, my friend!

  4. Amy, for you to say that I inspired you in any way is the greatest compliment I could be given.

    Beverly thank you very much for the compliment.

    Toad I had a great time putting this together and because I don't have a wide angle lens, will be doing more of these intentionally. Thanks, bud. You rock!