Saturday, April 23, 2011


Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, Tamron 28-80 lens @ 28mm, ISO 400, f/22, 0.3 sec
  Good Friday sure was good to me.
  With the day off of work, I used the morning to explore a new path.  I have posted several photos from Bald River Falls in the past and it is very easy to stop there and shoot because it is so picturesque and beautiful.  This morning, however, I decided to do something different. I have always known that there was cascades and waterfalls up river from Bald River Falls but have always been leery of exploring them because I thought the only way to them was to climb the rock wall next to Bald River Falls. This is very slick and I am no daredevil.  Last week, though, when my daughter and I were driving around the area I noticed a path next to the large parking area and wondered where it led.
  This morning I gave the path a try and not only did it take me above Bald River Falls, it winds down and through the entire Bald River Canyon. It is an awesome trail and very easily traversed. The view back down from the falls was incredible. I didn't venture very far down the trail but loved what I saw and someday will explore it even more.
  Right above Bald River Falls is this little beauty you see today.  This is Kahuna Falls. I know this from a book I own by Gregory Plumb called Waterfalls of Tennessee. Mr. Plumb describes and locates all of the waterfalls in the state and for most has photos and this one was very easy to match up with the shot in the book.
  Once again, without a wide angle lens I had to piece 3 shots together. Went through several different sets of stitching before I arrived at one I liked. My first couple of tries were with trying to use shots with the same aperture and they just didn't work for me. I finally went and used shots with the same shutter speed and that worked a lot better. 
  Also was very excited to use my new Dolica Carbon Fiber Tripod. What a difference it is compared to the cheaper Targus model I've been using. Much easier with a ball head and legs that can lay out flat or straight up. A lot lighter on my backpack too.

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  1. Man, thats gotta be tough to do a Pano waterfall?? Nice work